Ndabe Zondi

Ndabe Zondi

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This is Ndabe Zondi

Weekdays from 04:00 - 06:00

Meet Ndabe Zondi, a vibrant force from KwaZulu-Natal with a passion for his province's rich heritage and unique stories. Ndabe's name means 'good news,' and he embodies this every day with infectious energy and positivity that lights up any room. That sounds like 'good news,' right?

Taking a bold leap, Ndabe entered ECR’s 2021 radio presenter search and emerged as the runner-up, igniting his love for broadcasting. Always ready to dive into music, current affairs, and pop culture, Ndabe brings a dynamic presence and cheerful demeanor to the airwaves.

Tune in to The Early Breakfast Show with Ndabe, weekdays from 4-6am, for awesome tunes and lively chats. Whether you're ending a long night or starting a new day, Ndabe's inspiring positive vibes will add a spring to your step and a bop to your walk.

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