Fans question if Enrique Iglesias has lost his touch

Fans question if Enrique Iglesias has lost his touch

So awkward... when your fans think you are an impersonator because you just don't sound the same.

Enrique Iglesias at concert in Orlando, USA
Enrique Iglesias at concert in Orlando, USA/TikTok Screenshot/@arieldiazz

Not many people can say they haven't swayed to the beat of an Enrique Iglesias song in the past. 

For that very reason, people were super stoked to hear that he was doing a music tour around the US. 

But dare we say that those in attendance got what they were not expecting...

A fan took to TikTok to share her experience at the Enrique Iglesias concert held in Orlando, Florida, USA. 

Ariel Diaz shared that she was in the front row of Enrique's concert and just couldn't stop laughing. 

Of course, we were intrigued when we saw that and then the worst thing happened... we watched the video she shared and it was shocking. 

In the video, we see Enrique on stage performing, but he doesn't sound at all like himself. If we are being completely honest, he sounded like someone singing karaoke. 

Watch the clip shared on TikTok below. 

@arieldiazz front row with my mom and i couldnt stop laughing #enriqueiglesias #trilogytour ♬ original sound - ariel diaz

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People were stunned to see this and many of them did not hold back with their comments:

  • "Is this an impersonator? What happened to Enrique Iglesias?" 
  • "I have officially been cured of my 20+ year crush on Enrique Iglesias"
  • "I Can say I sound like Enrique Iglesias when I sing now! 😂🤣😂"
  • "Enrique iglesias from"
  • "It’s giving karaoke night" 
  • "I want a refund and I didn’t go!" 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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