Vic Naidoo

Vic Naidoo

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This is Vic Naidoo

The vibrant and engaging lunchtime with Vic Naidoo takes the airwaves by storm! With his wealth of experience as a seasoned radio personality, Vic is here to keep you in the loop on everything that's trending.

Vic's warm and bare nature will instantly make you feel like you are part of the show. His personal touch to radio creates an intimate and friendly atmosphere, making you feel like you're right there, co-hosting with him. Prepare for lively discussions, insightful commentary, and a true sense of connection as Vic brings the lunchtime chats to life.

One of the standout features of Vic Naidoo's show is the highly anticipated ‘Treat Yourself Thursdays’. This beloved segment has become a fan favourite, capturing the hearts of listeners. Vic encourages everyone to indulge in self-care and self-appreciation by doing something special for themselves.

Allow Vic's magnetic presence and infectious energy to brighten your day and make your lunchtime experience truly exceptional.

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