Should poor people be allowed to have pets

Should poor people be allowed to have pets

Bongani chats about his next door neighbour who can barely afford new school shoes for his child but wants to buy a dog.


My neighbour can’t even afford to buy new school shoes for his lightie. His kid walks around with duct tape holding his shoes together. His shirt looks like it’s been bought at the second-hand shop. I don’t have an issue with any of this; most of us are struggling financially to just put food on the table, but how can you be so poor and then want to buy a family pet?

Pets are expensive and are not a novelty buy. You don’t get to decide when you feed your animal and you don’t get to decide when you’re over having a dog. It’s there, it lives, and it breathes alongside you. Feeding it scraps is not good enough. What is going to happen when the dog is sick? Heaven forbid the invoice that comes from the vet when your animal falls pregnant.

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I understand children bond with animals and they play an important part in a child’s development, but if you can’t afford to feed yourself, then you shouldn’t buy a dog.

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