#BigFavour: Mom and daughter finally get the slumber they need

#BigFavour: Mom and daughter finally get the slumber they need

When you've been diagnosed with an illness, the most sought-after thing is a good night's rest. On today's Big Favour, we give a mother and her daughter precisely that.


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Helga wrote to the Big Favour to tell us about her friend Chiara and her daughter, who needed a hand.

Chiara was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year, at the same time her youngest daughter, Nia, developed a brain tumour.

With all the operations and medical care, Chiara found herself under a massive amount of financial strain.
Nia is also allergic to many things.

Her medical aid was exhausted, and the stress was just overwhelming. 

Chiara is still currently paying off her operation, as she had to postpone it because she didn’t have the cash to pay the shortfall. While Nia was ill, Chiara also used up all her leave, and had to take six weeks unpaid leave.

To top it all, Nia is sharing a bed with her mom. With finances being tight, finding food, let alone buying a bed, is just out of the question.

Enter Minesh, Sean, and the incredible Beds 2 Go team who heard about Nia’s wish for a new bed and immediately jumped on board to help.

In just a few days, Nia will have a brand new hyper allergenic bed complete with hyper allergenic pillows and all the bedding she needs.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chiara and Nia as we hope for their recoveries. 

If you would like to contact Beds 2 Go, visit them at their main showroom: Corner Moore (Che Guevara) and Sydney Road in Umbilo. Contact them on 031 301 7312 or via email [email protected].

Don't forget about their new branch at Cornubia Mall. Call them on 081 515 1463.

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