New poll suggests overweight passengers should pay more for airline seats

New poll suggests overweight passengers should pay more for airline seats

On Wednesday's Big Debate, Damon wants to know if you think airline passengers should pay more for their seats if they are overweight or is this just absurd?

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Listen as KZN shares their views on the topic in the podcast, then read more below:

According to UNILAD, a recent poll has revealed that 91% of British people think overweight people should fork out more money for their plane tickets and even sit in a ‘separate section’. What?! At first, looking at the poll, I was horrified, but then it got me thinking about this.

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When last did you fly and see an overweight person board the aircraft and hope they don't sit next to you? I was recently on a flight to Cape Town last Friday and I watched as an overweight passenger stepped on board. I heard the person in the row of seats opposite me say 'I hope she doesn't sit by me, it's her choice to be fat and she shouldn't make it uncomfortable for us'. Yes -really!

Segregating those larger passengers from others could also make the flight more comfortable for everyone, not just those fortunate enough to fit into the standard-sized seats. With wider aisles and seats, and more legroom, plus-sized passengers would be able to enjoy the flight far more by not having to worry about the person sitting next to them, what they’re thinking, and if they’re comfortable.

We may not want to be uncomfortable on a flight, but this body shaming talk is just not on. In most cases, we have no idea about the overweight person's life story, so do we ever stop to think what that person is feeling - or do we just automatically judge?

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Should overweight people pay more for their plane tickets and sit in a separate section of the aircraft?

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