Woman's bathroom selfie has Twitter scratching their heads

Woman's bathroom selfie has Twitter scratching their heads

"Whoever designed this woman's bathroom, please stand up - I need to meet you," says Stacey Norman.

Woman's bathroom selfie / Twitter
Woman's bathroom selfie / Twitter

Aaah, Twitter - a land where conversations spark almost instantly about the most random of things ever. 

One of these conversations is about a selfie. Doesn't seem out of the ordinary - especially for me, who considers herself the queen of selfies and photos on the 'gram'. 

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This particular selfie got the Twittersphere talking not because of the beautiful curly-haired woman with her tongue sticking out, but because of what's behind her. 

Toilet roll holders for toilets are usually placed next to the loo, but this woman's holder is on the wall - a few kilometres away from each other.   

Check out the image below: 

Why in the 2019 is this a thing, you may ask? Well, perhaps this is a new design trend that is going to hit our social media feeds and we just don't know it yet?

Someone cleverly noticed that her charger is next to her 'throne' but the toilet roll holder is not. 

I have only one word for you - priorities! 

Main image courtesy of Twitter

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