Jane defends Natalie Portman in the Hot Gos

Jane defends Natalie Portman in the Hot Gos

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Hot Gos with Jane

Natalie Portman took a little jab at men during the Golden Globes

People are tuning Natalie Portman for her little comedic dig at the Globes. I mean, come on, following Oprah's profound and emotionally-stirring speech I thought it was a little relief to say such a thing ahead of a male-dominated category.

Natalie dressed in black to show her solidarity for the #TimesUp movement and the chirp didn't mean anything derogatory. Well, I didn't receive it that way in any case!

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Mariah Carey accidentally took Meryl Streep’s chair at the Golden Globes 

How many times have we sat in the wrong seats either at a movie, music gig, theatre show or rugby match? It's all very well and good taking an unoccupied seat that takes your fancy, but every time a person walks within a mile of you, you wonder if it's time to move?

Clearly even Mariah Carey sits in the wrong seat at times. Yup, the queen of the huge vocal register sat her vintage Dolce and Gabana behind in the legend Meryl Streep's chair at the Golden Globes after a loo break and went on to apologise on Twitter.

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Pink posts funny anniversary message to husband

Too cute for words these two. Just love this couple! How cute to say that she still has a crush on her mister?! Lets be honest - he's a steam cat for sure.

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