Baboons have the time of their lives in a pool in Betty's Bay

Baboons have the time of their lives in a pool in Betty's Bay

Who knew that baboons loved the pool so much? What a joy it would have been to witness this! 

Baboons in the pool / Facebook
Baboons in the pool / Facebook

If you own a business in South Africa, you need to accept everything that comes with it - animals and all. 

Some think that baboons can be quite terrifying animals, but after seeing this video, your view may change. 

Garth, the owner of Kalliste An Exclusive Retreat, experienced an incredible sighting of two baboons happily playing in the resort's pool and, luckily for us, he had his phone with him to shoot a video. 

The baboons can be seen playing with the water, and even 'diving' into the pool that overlooks the bay - what a view!

We spoke to him to find out about the happy incident. 

"The baboons are now starting to come down in the area. Yesterday morning I was sitting working and they started swimming in the pool. We have ponds in the garden and they started swimming. They were in the pool for five minutes. We don't chase or interfere with them," he said.

If you're feeling down today, this video may just cheer you up! 

Watch below:

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