WATCH: Miss Universe wows us with her incredible voice!

WATCH: Miss Universe wows us with her incredible voice!

Not only is she the queen of the universe but, Zozibini Tunzi can sing too!

Zozibini singing

She has represented us at the global stage and has stood up for key societal issues like the fight against Gender Based Violence.

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Zozibini Tunzi just can’t stop amazing us!  The South African-born beauty queen is a woman of many talents. 

Zozibini, posted a video of herself singing Naughty By Nature featuring Beyonce's, 'Running' and left social media going crazy.

Her vocals are on another level. Have a listen below: 

How stunning! 

We are all in awe of you queen. 

It seems hidden talent is a thing, do you remember earlier this year when we revealed Stacey Norman's hidden talent?

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J Sbu let KZN know that he may have discovered KZN's best-kept secret. His co-host Stacey seems to have a hidden talent that she has kept a secret until now.

The talent? Her ability to sing! 

Listen to that talent revealed in the podcast below: 

What hidden talent do you have KZN? 

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