SA's own Einstein, Hjalmar Rall, has two degrees and he's only 18!

SA's own Einstein, Hjalmar Rall, has two degrees and he's only 18!

While most teenagers don't even know what they want to do with the rest of their lives, Hjalmar already has his eyes on the prize.

Hjalmar Rall - 18-year-old genius with two degrees

At 18 years of age, most students are partying, skipping the early morning classes, and drinking too many energy drinks.

(Or that's what we assume kids these days are getting up to..)

But Hjalmar Rall is not your average university student!

He's South Africa's very own 'Young Sheldon'.

What does that mean?

Well, at the incredibly young age of 14, Hjalmar enrolled at the Univerity Of Pretoria (UP) and began his physics studies.

Now a mere four years later, Hjalmar has nabbed his second degree and is the university's youngest two-time graduate EVER.

Now he's on his way to completing a master's degree in physics at Stellenbosch University as he just graduated cum laude with a BSc Honours in physics.

He's from a small town called Riebeek Kasteel in the Western Cape where he was homeschooled after he had been easily cruising through school, and his parents realised that he was an exceptionally gifted kid.

He moved to Pretoria with his parents and started his studies.

But what was it like being a kid at university and having to interact with so many people that are quite older than you?

And what does Hjalmar want to be when he grows up?

A physics lecturer like his biggest inspiration - American physicist Richard Feynman.

Next up he'll be starting his PhD and he'll be specialising in quantum information theory, which isn't explored in South Africa so he's making his way overseas.

Despite being an incredibly gifted kid, he does not describe himself as a whizz-kid or genius and remains humble, all thanks to physics, which he deems to de a very humbling field.

And just in case you are now curious to see what the series 'Young Sheldon' is about, here's the trailer:

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