Mlindo The Vocalist apologises for drunken live performance

Mlindo The Vocalist apologises for drunken live performance

While some of us were probably at home minding our business this happened at Macnose Cafe Short Left Soshanguve, Mlindo just fell lights out on stage during a performance allegedly after he consumed a beverage from a fan. 

Mlindo drunk at a performance
Screenshot of video

One of the worst things that can happen during a live performance to an artist happened this past weekend to Mlindo The Vocalist. He clearly had way too much to drink and he ended up falling all over the stage and needed to be helped and get escorted off. 

After his rather embarrassing performance and high alcohol consumption, he was able to gather himself together and apologise to the public. 

The artist clearly drank too much and didn't see he had gone too far because while he was still in the moment and performing he started tripping on stage and heading flat on the floor. 

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Before the whole drama, he received a drink from one of his fans in the crowd which most people think it was spiked because soon after that drink he seemed not to be okay. 

Watch video below when he took a drink from a fan:

One person even said:

He was then helped up by people surrounding him to hopefully continue his show but it didn't seem like Mlindo was in the right mind or state to finish his performance. l

Watch video of Mlindo being helped up to leave the stage:

Social media obviously had a lot to say about the incident. 

Most people were surprisingly on his side with this one.. apparently drinking and performing is okay now. 

Read what people on social media had to say: 

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