This just in: Moshe and Phelo are still together

This just in: Moshe and Phelo are still together

If you ever needed a reminder to ‘mind your own business’ and let people be, then this is your reminder!

Moshe and Phelo

Youtuber and TV personality Moshe Madiki just shared a ‘Happy 1-year wedding anniversary’ video on his social media, and we are all shook and who can blame us?! Moshe and his musician husband and one third of the famous Bala brothers, Phelo have had a contentious relationship in the public eye.

There have been claims of physical abuse and control issues which Moshe addressed when he release the below statement earlier this year: 


Since then Moshe has been under the radar and offering no commentary on his marriage with Phelo and whether or not the two are still together. Last month, Phelo released a song that was heavily linked to his breakup with Moshe titled ‘Andisafuni’ which translated into English means ‘I do not want to anymore.’

You can imagine our shock when Moshe shared this ‘Happy anniversary video’ this morning with his followers.  

Watch the video below:

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