All the drama: Man wears jeans to his wedding, shocks Stacey

All the drama: Man wears jeans to his wedding, shocks Stacey

Jean-ius or a silly idea?

Man wears jeans to his own wedding
Man wears jeans to his own wedding/ TikTok @violetprice16x

Ahh, a wedding day...

Months of anticipation, countless hours of dress shopping and preparation. 

Over the years, we have seen many people stray from a traditional wedding do-up to something a little more cultural, ethnic or adding a modern twist. 

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However, we came across something that had us completely in shock. One man swapped out a formal suit for a mere T-shirt and jeans, whereas his bride was head-to-toe in a white dress.

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Couple where groom wears jeans on a wedding day
Couple where groom wears jeans on a wedding day / TikTok @violetprice16x

As you can see, this groom tested the waters when it came to how casual one can be at one's own wedding. While some argue that he has the right to wear what he wants, others feel that it's straight up disrespectful.

Stacey Norman shares: "If my man wore jeans to my wedding, he wouldn't be my man anymore. We don't do that here!"

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What did the world think? Fashionistas worldwide along with regular couples were undoubtedly unimpressed.

The gorgeous bride's schlubby hubby-to-be in dirty sneakers, washed-out jeans, and a black T-shirt emblazoned with the logo “Palm Angels” was not fit for the occasion. Users bashed the “Slob” groom for dressing like a "vagabond on his gal’s big day".


In contrast to these harsh comments, others have gone with the "to each to their own" mentality. 

"We can't fault the husband because at least he showed up," says one user. “You’ve seen the photos, she’s stunning and uh, he’s there,” says another.

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Stay tuned to find out what KZN thinks about looking the part on your big day.

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