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What's your perfect place for that deep cry?

Occasionally, a good old cry fixes any situation, but we want to know what your BEST crying spot is.

The perfect place to cry

Personally, a good cry is the most cleansing thing!

Mr T will on occasion say, 'come and sit down and have a cry', as he sits close and I cry or laugh or cry-laugh about whatever's on my mind.

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Let me put it this way, having an Oprah or Kim Kardashian type of cry can make any problem feel smaller. 

I have had a good car cry to 'Fix You' from Coldplay, also songs with a piano session make me Claire Danes 'Home Land'-kind of cry, or recently a song in a scene in the series 'This is Us.' 'This is Us' unravels me to a place of crying so hard it makes my breath stop and I just shudder (side note, must watch this show, it will shake you!)

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Next up, the bathroom! I would say a bath is also a place for a good sob. When I say a good sob, I mean the one where you just let it out and there's no pretty way to do it. 

I did some research and this is what the interweb had to say about some of the best spots to let out those tears:

  • On the floor of your bathroom
  • Behind sunglasses when out in public - I mean so discreet right?!
  • While riding any form of public transport
  • On an airplane
  • In your shower

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I wonder if any of you have tried these? 

I want to know from you, where is the ideal place for a good cry or when last did you have a good cry and where were you?

Leave your comments below. 

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