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Watch: Stirring tribute to NSRI volunteers to mark 50th anniversary

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, NSRI created an advertisement showing the sacrifices behind the selfless work they do. 

NSRI video

This advert caught me by surprise. My uncle is a member of NSRI and has been for years. 

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I was watching this advertisement with my 7-year-old and all the way through the advert I thought this girl's dad had died.  Both my son and I were so sad only to have the whammy at the end revealed that he is alive and on his way!

The video was created as a tribute to the heroes that give up time with their families and risk their lives to save others.

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According to the NSRI South Africa website, the rescue crew, technical experts and board of Directors are all unpaid volunteers. WOW, these guys need a huge round of applause! They are just incredible people.  

I cannot begin to imagine what these members' families must go through, considering that the ocean can be very unpredictable. I admire people like this so much, to wake up every day and know that you might just be saving someone's life. 

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Sea Rescue is manned by 1 000 volunteers at rescue bases around the coast and on inland dams. The organisation survives by relying on donations, banquets, and sponsorships.  

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