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Veterinary clinic provides free treatment to homeless pets

All animals deserve love and the best treatment possible, that's why the Trusty Paws Clinic is going above and beyond to help pets in need.

Homeless pets

The staff of the Trust Paws Clinic in the UK is working tirelessly to treat dogs that have no place to call home. 

We all love to take care of our pets and their health, but have you ever stopped to think what happens to those pets who have no loving homes? Well, an amazing group of veterinarians has teamed up to create a facility that treats homeless pets for free. 

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The staff of the clinic helps to maintain the health of the animals but also to ensure that they have a long stay with their owners who love and protect them, even though they do not have the means to take care of them. 

According to Unilad, Ruby Shorrock who is a final year veterinary student made it her mission to ‘help the hounds of homeless people’ and founded The Trusty Paws Clinic, which provides much-needed care free of charge to do so. There are currently three operational clinics in the city of Glasgow. Ruby says, 'We do this because of the underlying human-animal bond'.

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We just cannot get over how amazing this concept is. Most of the cases the clinic is involved in are those of animals who were abandoned by their original owners and taken to safety by the homeless. Many of these animals were close to death but were unselfishly saved. 

Watch the video below about the incredible value of animal-human love and how the clinic has helped countless pets over time.

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