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#TrendReport: Rent and rest as you go

When it comes to accommodation, the sharing economy has gone properly mainstream with services like AirBnB. One startup has spotted a niche in the market however, and for them less is more.

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If you're someone that leads a busy life and has a hectic schedule, you probably value the amount of sleep that you get. It's the one time in the day where you can just shut down and recharge. Sleep has become the best part of the day for those of us who find ourselves rushing from one appointment to the next.

Resident in the UK are rejoicing over a new trend which sees hosts renting out their space for a limited amount of time to guests who are looking for some much-needed rest.

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The service is called Pop and Rest and is a micro-rental service that lists spaces available for a few hours, whether you need somewhere to pass the time between meetings, hang out before you check into a hotel, or just need a quiet space for a while. 

As Chris Reid, Trend Researcher at the International Trend Institute, explained in his recent conversation with Jane Linley-Thomas, it’s not just a smart business move, it’s also an interesting commentary on the way we live and work today too.

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