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New York florist places arrangements in the most unexpected places

This florist is bringing his works of art to life on the streets and it's absolutely spectacular!

flash florist across usa

My heart sings looking at these pictures. Yay for beauty and love in unexpected places! 

According to Mashable, a florist based in New York called Lewis Miller is taking to the streets to show off his floral arrangements by splashing them across the city and calling them 'Flower Flashes' to bring joy and light to the citizens that pass through the city. 

Lewis' talent is amazing as he takes ordinary items and landmarks and transforms then into floral magic by carefully arranging them so that they come to life.

I would be so thrilled if, on the way to work on public transport, or stomping the road to get to work, looked up and low and behold a spray of floral art and love was there to wave me past. It truly would brighten me up even in the lowest of days.

Oh, how wonderful! I simply love this idea!

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