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Mom hilariously recreates celebrity parents' photos

This mom's 'real' versions of these photos will leave you in stitches!

mom recreates celeb photos

Oh my goodness. This lady is pure comedic class and she has inspired me to do my own version of these snaps!

This mom, Kate Casey from California, is making fun of celeb parents' photos by recreating them and showing 'real' versions of the photos. Her parodies of the famous photos have everyone in stitches, showing how it is for a 'normal' mum as compared to a celeb mum.

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So often moms in the limelight seem to have it all sorted out. From their in-shape bodies, flawless grooming, top draw wardrobe, and not a hair out of place, where in reality for the most part of the last few years, I have been covered in snot, marmite, and demands.

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Grocery stores are my runway. Memories. @ellemagazineus #kristenstewart

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Don't all moms bathe in diamonds? Same, right? #sameright #loveandknuckles #moms #mariahcarey #diamonds

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I also appreciate luxury motors. @mariahcarey - Same, right?

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I am looking for moms who are willing to have a bit of fun by recreating celeb parents' photos. If you would like to send through your versions, email them to me on [email protected]

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