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McDonald’s worker hailed as a hero for saving an off-duty police officer

Thankfully this guy’s quick thinking managed to save a life.

mcdonalds worker saves life

I absolutely love stories of everyday heroes. I am always inspired by how strangers go out of their way to help their fellow man. We get to see examples of this compassion daily.

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A McDonald's drive through worker, 22-year-old Pedro Viloria from Florida, USA never thought that he would be jumping to the aid of an off-duty officer while placing her order. 

He noticed that something was wrong with the officer (who had two children in the car with her) when he went to give her the order. She looked unresponsive and even made sudden jerking movements causing her foot to come off the brake pedal. 

Pedro’s brain engaged in ‘hero mode’ as he hopped through the drive through window attempting to stop the car and even offering CPR assisted by a customer, who was also a paramedic. What a champ and a hero! 

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Have you ever had an experience of helping a complete stranger who was in need? Share your stories below.

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