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KZN listeners share their embarrassing ID photos with Jane

After chatting about the story of a girl whose passport photo was a fail, KZN listeners shared their photos with Jane.

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In case you missed it, on Friday I chatted about a story of one girl's passport photo that was rather embarrassing.

Read: Woman's passport photo looks nothing like her and it's hilarious!

I couldn't speak about someone else's passport and ID fail and not talk about my very own fail. I took the opportunity to share my own ID fail and everyone in the office could not stop laughing at my expense. Hilarious! 

So I decided to put the call out to listeners in KZN to find out if they, too, had epic photo fails to share with me - and I was blown away by the response. I would have loved to showcase all the photos I received, but there were way too many to put in one article.

I've handpicked three of the best (or worst) ID photos from the batch that I received. Check them out below:

ID -Kristen
ID - Mbali
ID - Elize


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