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Kleptomania in kids: What would you do about it?

Hearing something bad about your child is difficult enough to deal with, but how this mom reacted had Jane gasping in surprise.

Play date gone wrong

A friend of mine hosted a play date at her home for her daughter and a friend. It's a new friendship so my mate doesn't know the family very well, but has had the little girl over on a few occasions.

During the play date, my friend walked into the lounge where she had left her handbag and there was the little guest digging in her purse. When she approached her, she acted like she was looking for something and walked out the room. 

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According to Buzzle, Kleptomania is a mental health disorder which causes people to hoard things and they simply cannot resist the urge to steal. It is reported that the disorder can occur in kids from as young as five and is linked to the chemical in the brain called Serotonin. 

Anyway, my friend was in a state, she followed behind and asked why she was in her handbag. The child denied touching the bag. At this point she phoned me and asked what to do, I then replied that she should let the parents know. Sure, it would not be an easy conversation but this isn't something you brush under the carpet as far as I'm concerned.

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She deliberated about it and when the child's mom came to fetch her, she told her what had happened and saying she took it badly is putting it mildly. This resulted in a heated exchange with the child's mother saying her child would never steal.

I'm sorry - but what parent behaves like that? Surely, you take what the adult has said and process the information, and thereafter in a mature manner plot the way forward. I mean, why would my mate make something like this up?

The mother left saying her daughter would not be allowed to play there again and stormed off. What lesson or example is this woman setting for her young girl? Madness, I tell you!

What would you have done if you were on either side of the situation?

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