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Curfews in relationships: Are you a victim?

A girls' or boys' night out can turn into a screaming match if you have exceeded the curfew that your partner has given you. 

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I recently overheard a grown man with three kids say to another man (also married with one child) that he had to get home as soon as possible as he was over his curfew. It was 22h30, his wife had already called once and sent a text.

Look, to be fair, Mr T hardly ever goes out without me, and me without him. In short, life is better when we are together. 

Be that as it may, neither of us will ever give each other a curfew. We're both adults here and are well aware of the roles and responsibilities that we need to fulfil. Come to think of it, the last time I had a curfew was when I was in school! 

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I think that having a curfew in relationships is more of a matter of security as opposed to curbing fun.

Does your partner give you a curfew when going out for a night with the boys or girls?

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