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Birthday parties: Is it fair to expect your friends to pay to be at your celebration?

When it comes to inviting guests to a party, is it fair to expect them to pay their own way or is it the host's duty to cover all costs?

Birthday party invite
Birthday party invite

Let’s face it, life is expensive, but we all still want to host a good party! 

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When it comes to inviting people to a gathering, some people opt to pay for all expenses and other’s ask their guests to bring and share or pay for their own meal at a restaurant. However, which arrangement is the right one?

I am very much against the whole splitting the bill thing where you end up paying R500 for a stuffed mushroom and a glass of vino. That does not work for me. 

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I would far rather have a party at my home and ask people to bring a bottle of something to drink and a plate of eats that we can put on a communal table and share, harvest style.

KZN, I want to know from you, are you for or against asking your guests to pay to be at the party?

Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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