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ALWAYS check your surroundings before taking a selfie!

The rule is simple: Check your surroundings before snapping a selfie. Why don't people listen?!

sexy girl room selfie

This is not the first time a selfie has been taken where the background gets more attention than the subject.

It wasn't that long ago I chatted about a girl who snapped a selfie in a room that looked like a hand-grenade had been tossed through the window. 

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This girl wanted to show off her sundress after it started getting a bit warmer in her area. So she decided to send a selfie into the world and Twitter started slinging insults about the awful state of her room - as is the norm.

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This is the selfie she sent out:

And this is how Twitter erupted after she sent the tweet out:

Look, while growing up I went through a stage where I was quite happy living in disarray. Now, however, I am particular about my things and sway more on the side of OCD as my clothes, shoes, and accessories have their own place in my cupboards.

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I wonder how hectic it must be if you are in a relationship where your partner is happy to live off the floor and you like things to be in an orderly fashion?

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