Exclusive: Host Nico Panagio talks surviving 'Survivor South Africa'

Exclusive: Host Nico Panagio talks surviving 'Survivor South Africa'

Terence Pillay chats to Survivor South Africa’s host Nico Panagio in an exclusive interview ahead of the show’s premiere on Thursday night. 

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Listen to Terence's interview with Nico Panagio, or read the details under the podcast. 

'Survivor South Africa Island of Secrets' premieres on Thursday night and fans of the popular show can once again look forward to a season of twists, turns, blindsides and gruelling challenges.

Last season’s 'Survivor South Africa: Philippines' drew a record viewership and was nominated for SAFTA awards for the best local version of an international format and Best Presenter and so this season came close on the heels of last year’s show.

Once again Nico Panagio, the show’s affable host, will take a group of ordinary South Africans, ready to take on some of the most demanding challenges and living conditions, and put them through their paces until only one is left standing – the ultimate Survivor!

This week I caught up with Nico for an exclusive one-on-one. He lets us in on what we can expect from this season and also talks a little about his own personal journey with the show.

'Survivor South Africa' airs on Thursday, 16th May on MNet 101 at 7:00pm.

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