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Man cheats on his girlfriend with her mom

Bongani came across the most disturbing video of a man confessing to cheating on his girlfriend with her mom.

Man Cheating
Screenshot - The Maury Show

Imagine finding out that your partner is cheating on you? That would destroy me. If I knew my wife was busy on the side, I’d want to scream and shout. Now imagine finding out that your partner is cheating on you, but with your own mother? How would you react?

What makes this video even more ludicrous is before the man is found out that he is cheating on his girlfriend using a lie detector, he proposes to her!

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After the results come out that he in fact is cheating on her and worse with her own mother, the mother can be seen denying the results of the lie detector.

This whole video, although incredibly entertaining, is also very sad. I am not sure if I am more upset with the man who has betrayed his girlfriend or the television show itself allowing this to be shown in front of children. This is definitely not the kind of behaviour that I want my kids to ever witness.

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