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Listen: Psychic medium connects listener to granddad and father

We got an anonymous East Coast Radio listener to get a reading from Kiran live in studio. 

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Listen to the audio of that moment below:

Do you believe people can talk to the dead?

Well, anonymous was a sceptic until he visited East Coast Urban’s resident psychic Kiran.

And let’s just say Kiran had some very personal messages for him from his father and grandfather that made even this sceptic a believer.

You have to listen to this to believe it as Kiran gives anonymous insight into his future as well as the difficult relationship between his father and grandfather.

Kira visits East Coast Radio every Wednesday between 6:00pm and 9:00pm to help people connect with those they’ve lost.

You can also connect with Kiran by calling him 072 933 9223.

Main image courtesy of Pixabay/komahouse

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