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#DearDiary: The pregnancy test

#DearDiary follows the journey of a young KwaZulu-Natal wife. In episode 23, #DearDiay is still feeling sick so she decides to take a pregnancy test.

Dear Diary

#DearDiary shared in episode 22 that she was not feeling well and that her period was late. She then decided to check her calendar to see if her period may be coming. 

LISTEN: #DearDiary: The feeling of nausea has set in

Luckily for #DearDiary, she realised that her cycle was only due in a few days time. She dismissed her feeling of nausea as just a bug that perhaps was going around. 

In this episode, #DearDiary decides to take a pregnancy test at her work place. What will the results be? Have a listen below and share your reactions.

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