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#DearDiary: The plan is to confess to my husband

All roads lead to Johannesburg as #DearDiary heads back to her husband with her daughter. 

Dear Diary

Her brother is playing chauffer once again as he drives his little sister, niece, and the nanny back to Johannesburg. #DearDiary is both happy and nervous.

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She is happy to back living in her own space and not having to clash with her mom, whom she was staying with during her maternity leave in Durban. Even though they are close, like any mother and daughter relationship, they have their little arguments. 

#DearDiary, however, is not looking forward to being with her husband and watching him continue forming a bond with a child he believes is his daughter. 

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#DearDiary has plucked up the courage to confess to her husband after letting her girlfriends know the truth. They have offered her support and advised her to come clean. 

Do you think #DearDiary will tell her husband the truth?

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