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#DearDiary: Gasps, gun shots, and a DNA test

It is the season finale and #DearDiary must now face the music and confront her husband with the truth of the paternity of her child.

Dear Diary

After months of deception, the time has finally come for #DearDiary to confess to her husband. The question is, will she have the opportunity to tell her husband herself or will he find out through a third party? 

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She was a young woman who was raised by her single mother. She often would find herself searching for affection in the arms of men whom she hoped would fill the void left by her biological father. 

When she finally met her husband, it was not love at first sight, he was not like any of the men she had dated before. Her husband was much older, mature, and secure financially. 

However, her walk through married life was not an easy one for her. With each entry that she made, she took us on a journey which was filled with laughs, grief, smiles, and even anger. It was a series of entries which gripped KZN listeners and had everyone on the edge of their seats. As for the end - a cliff-hanger of note!

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