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Who do you think would win between Sirshin and Simon

A trend on twitter caught the eye of Sirshin Moodliar and Simon Carter from Trending Tonight, so much so that they had to get involved and put their egos on the line.

Sirshin and Simon

The problem with radio DJ’s is they tend to feed off their own egos and need constant reassurance, without it they’d be just be sad.


Sirshin and Simon hatched a way to compete against each other in a platylist battle. The aim of the challenge spawned from twitter with the #WayBackWhenSongs and the idea was to create a playlist of songs from way back when. Each DJ was allowed 3 songs and it is now up to you to decide who has the ultimate #WayBackWhenSongs.


Take a listen to their playlist and vote by commenting below. Remember each DJ has their ego on the line here, so play nice.

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