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I hate golf, but I would play this on a golf course!

Would you play rugby golf?

golf rugby

I have never been a great fan of golf.  I have many reasons:

  • I look terrible in golf gear, stripes and checks, a no-no,
  • Playing golf requires requires talking to golfers, 
  • Playing golf requires watching golf,
  • I am handicapped enough, why play a sport where they assign you one, 
  • Golfers tend to be mainly white,
  • I have a "look" which encourages security guards to follow me around at the best of times, 
  • I tend to randomly shout out ''Papwa was better than Gary'' 
  • After the game, Golfers tend to painstakingly dissect their game, and this obsession with their own game increases with the more they drink,
  • In the bar they play golf on the TV, and asking them to change the channel requires Board permission. 
  • My car is too small to put my golf bag in the boot. 

But there is a new game you can play on a golf course, and I think this is much better!  

Would you play rugby golf?

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