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Yay or nay for KZN South Coast nudist beach?

A massive debate has been sparked over the possibility of a beach in KZN being declared a nudist haven. East Coast Drive got the views of the chairman of the nudist association, who is for it, and a pastor, who is against it.

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On Monday, Phat Joe and the team chatted about a debate which is doing the rounds about Mpenjati Beach on the KZN South Coast. If the public protector gives the okay, it will be declared as a haven for nudists. 

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We decided to put the question out to KZN listeners to hear what they had to say and their reactions were mixed.

Mags and the team then decided to chat to two individuals who have very different views on the matter. 

One of them is Christo Bothma, who is the chairman of the KZN Naturist Association. Listen as he shares his views on the debate and him educating the team about what naturists are:

Another individual who is sitting on the other side of the fence and is very against the beach being declared a nudist haven is Pastor Reggie John, who is from Gate Ministries in Port Shepstone. Listen as he chats about his strong views on the debate and what he thinks will happen if the public protector approves the application:

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