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World's longest zipline officially opened in the UAE

Thrillseekers everywhere are rejoicing over the news. Would you be brave enough to try this crazy zipline?

longest zip line

In life, there are two types of people. On the one hand, you have people who are averse to taking risks, while on the other, you have those who live for the thrills on offer.

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If you are the latter, you're going to love this zipline that a few guys in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have created.

The line runs from the Jebel Jais mountain and is over 1.7 miles (over 2kms) long - and will send you flying at over 140 km/h.

Adrenaline junkie, G-Dog, has said that it would probably be the ultimate ride of his life.

"I'd probably be screaming all the way down but it will be one experience that I never will forget," adds G-Dog. 

You'll probably be feeling the same way after watching this. Absolutely insane! 

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