When Rory ran his first Comrades Marathon in 2018

When Rory ran his first Comrades Marathon in 2018

East Coast Drive Executive Producer Rory Petzer had been in intensive training since last October before conquering his first goal of many, the Comrades Marathon.

Rory Comrades

At first, Rory didn't even belong to any running club, and his training had basically been the odd 12km - 20km here and there, pretty making it all up as he went along.

He then set his sights on the big one: The Comrades Marathon. He joined a running club and upped his training, running most mornings as early as 04h30!

And then, all this sheer will and self-discipline saw Rory conquer his first Comrades Marathon 2018.  

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"I absolutely cannot wait to conquer Comrades Marathon 2019. I'm ready for it.  Running has turned my life around," beams Rory Petzer.

East Coast Radio wishes Rory Petzer all the best for his next Comrades Marathon in 2019!

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