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At what stage do you start respecting your child's privacy?

At what stage do you need to start respecting your child's privacy? Also, bearing in mind that giving them too much space could potentially result in disaster.

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Selective focus photography of childs hand on persons palm, Juan Pablo Arenas, Pexels,

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Social media, and the internet can be a very educational, fun, informative and positive realm for children to learn, but unfortunately many proven dangers suddenly become just one click away.

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It's almost a tightrope: You don't want to be too invasive of your child's space, but at the same time, you need to know if your child has perhaps started picking up on bad habits such as smoking, bad peers, alcohol, for example.

Bongani asks KZN: At what stage do you start letting your child be their own person by respecting their space and choices?

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