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Water skier’s hilarious attempt at sipping beer while on the water

Multitasking went so wrong for this guy.

water skier falls in water

Multitasking isn’t a trait that everyone possesses - especially not this guy.

This oh-so-brave water skier was out having a good time with his friends when he decided that he would show off his not-so-epic multitasking skills.

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While on the water, he asked his mates to hand him a beer so he could take a sip of it while still holding onto the rope pulling him.

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Using only one hand to hold the rope that’s pulling him and one hand to have a quick sip, he unfortunately lost his balance and found himself trapped under the water. His friends could not contain their laughter. 

Although we aren’t sure where the footage was filmed, this is probably one story that his friends will never let him live down. Ouch!

Take a look at the video below:

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