WATCH: Heated confrontation at Spur sees man banned

WATCH: Heated confrontation at Spur sees man banned

After a near-violent confrontation with a woman, a man has been banned from all Spur Restaurants in the country.

Spur fight
A video of a man threatening to attack a woman inside a Spur Steak Ranch has gone viral on social media.

The man approached the woman after his child was apparently bullied by her child in the play area of the Texamo Spur at the Glen Shopping Centre, east of Johannesburg.

The incident reportedly took place on Sunday, with the video emerging on social media today.

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The video has sparked outrage on social media with many focusing on the racial aspect of it – that is, a white man threatening to attack a black woman.

"There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for the way that hooligan spoke to that woman. The matter should be investigated further, and if applicable, he needs to face criminal charges," says Phat Joe.

Phat Joe said the man should be banned from all restaurants in the country - not just Spur Steak Ranches.

Phat Joe describes him as a 'disgusting example to his kids'. 

Spur Steak Ranches responded to the incident confirming the man in question had been banned from all their restaurants nationwide.

WARNING: Bad language.

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