Twitter left unimpressed by Mr South Africa finalists announcement

Twitter left unimpressed by Mr South Africa finalists announcement

"I want a redo for the Mr SA men. Good lighting, Professional photography, Makeup nyana. Because they look like mugshots and that needs to be addressed," said one Twitter user after seeing the Mr South Africa Top 20 finalists announcement. 

Man in a suit / iStock
Man in a suit / iStock

Mr South Africa has taken over our Twitter feeds, but it doesn't seem like it's for the good of Mzansi. 

The Twittersphere has been left upset after the organisation announced their top 20 finalists for the competition via Twitter.

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Many have questioned how one goes about getting selected as a finalist for Mr South Africa, as they feel that the finalists are not even close to being worthy of the title. Ouch! 

Check them out below:

Following the announcement, Twitter erupted with a wave of memes and comments. No one was spared in the dragging process. 

We reached out to the Mr South Africa team, and they responded to us with a lengthy, well-thought-out comment on the backlash that they are currently facing on social media. 

Read the full comment below:

Good day,

Thank you for the message. 

The backlash we are experiencing on social media is to be expected, we are challenging the mindset of people in South Africa by changing the perception of what it is to be or become Mr. SA. 

Yes everyone wants to see a good looking male figure with a muscles and dashing looks and a good heart, but more often than not, there are other individuals that work equally as hard at making a difference in their community and work towards a better South Africa that does not look like the conventional cover model. And it is my feeling that everyone deserves a fair chance in this competition.

To answer your questions, the finalist are all very positive about the competition and the road ahead and very excited for what’s to come. None of the finalists have withdrawn from the competition and neither have any of our sponsors. The grand finale is most definitely still happening and details will be made available on our social platforms soon. 

If I may, I am all for constructive criticism or feedback, but I feel that some tweets have been on a non constructive level and is rather diminishing and degrading to the finalists and their character. You can judge a person on his actions, but not his appearance because we are all made in one image. The age old saying, don’t judge a book by its cover. 

I think the question I would like to pose to each person that attached any of the finalists negatively would be: How would you feel if somebody said that about you without knowing your story and is that really the type of South Africa we are working towards?

All of these men have worked exceptionally hard to get this far and I am proud of each and every single one of them.

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