South Africa mourns a pioneer SA hip hop, of ProKid

Slikour pays tribute to ProKid on East Coast Drive

The news of 37-year-old Linda Mkhize, better known as ProKid, who's sudden death has been met with disbelief and sadness. People have taken to social media to share their grief. Slikour joins Bongani to chat about the loss of the legend.


Listen to Slikour talk to Bongani on ProKid's passing, or read the details under the podcast.

ProKid's family confirmed in a statement on his death, he suffered a severe seizure while visiting a friend in the CBD of Johannesburg Wednesday evening and declared dead on the scene by paramedics shortly after 8PM.

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Friends, colleagues and fans alike have taken to social media to share memories and appreciation of the legend.

ProKid will always be remembered as one of the pioneers of South African hip hop, and his contribution paved the way for aspiring artists.

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