Should teachers have a stricter dress code?

Should teachers have a stricter dress code?

"I feel females should have a stricter dress code at schools," insists Bongani.

teacher / pixabay
teacher / pixabay

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On Tuesday, Jane spoke about a KZN teacher from the Majuba District who trended and was accused of wearing outfits that were too sexy. She was also accused of distracting the boys at her high school. 

People on social media have been saying her clothing is too revealing, and she should be disciplined for the way she dresses.

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There are people who have even gone as far as to say there should be a dress code for female teachers at high schools. Is that fair?

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Bongani feels society has sexualised the female body so much that men look at women in a sexual manner, and therefore women should then also have stricter dress codes.

Do you agree?

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