'Should my six-year-old son hit back when being bullied?'

'Should my six-year-old son hit back when being bullied?'

No parent wants to hear that their child is being bullied, and there's no space for being soft in this world - but does this mean that all our kids need to fight back when pinned to a corner?

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On Wednesday, the Drive team answered a WTF question from a listener.

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"We have a six-year-old son who says one of the other kids in the complex often hits him. The other day, he came home crying. My husband insists that my son must hit the child back. He says that’s how he was brought up and my son must be tough. I’m totally against this, but my husband is adamant."

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KZN listeners came out in numbers and helped with advice. Most of them were for the child fighting back, but is that the correct thing to do, though?

We also asked our Facebook fans to share their thoughts on the matter. 

We also received a voice note from Lisa Grant-Smith, a Counselling Psychologist in Ballito who wrapped the topic up perfectly for us.

Listen to the podcast to hear what she and KZN had to say.

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