SA woman on OnlyFans: ‘It’s nobody’s business how we make our money’

SA woman on OnlyFans: ‘It’s nobody’s business how we make our money’

A woman named Oddette Mashego went viral on Twitter after she revealed how much she earns online for content of her body posted on a website called OnlyFans.

Woman sitting on a bed / iStock
Woman sitting on a bed / iStock

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On Thursday, we chatted about a woman named Oddette Mashego, who went viral on Twitter because of her unusual online business. 

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"Call me a wh**e or whatever.. but I made R7800 yesterday alone from my OnlyFans account and I didn’t have to sleep with your dad so go f**k your self!" she tweeted.

OnlyFans is a subscription service that allows people to provide content to subscribers or fans who pay to see the content. 

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The social media service is used by musicians, fitness experts and an array of different people, but it is also used for adult entertainment - with people posting nude photos or even videos. 

Social media was abuzz with users sharing their views on her tweet.

We posed the following question to our Facebook fans and received a host of responses: Do you think selling your nudes online is acceptable or not?

"I have 2 daughters. I would not like this for them so my answer is a big fat NO! We're all trying to make ends meet without losing our dignity" - Arlaine Chezelle Wood

"Judging is easy when we don't know the whole story. Also if she can live with herself and her decision kudos to her it's not for everyone" - Elaine Melissa Nyathi 

"if this is source of income to sustain life and feed mouths then i dont see any issues. life is not easy for many and we are not God dto judge" - Shanrika Boby 

"I am all in for Job Creation. We all answer to our own decisions not to other peoples feelings" - Alli Khan 

Watch the video of Bongani and Mags talk to Oddette Mashego:

We caught up Oddette to find out more about her online business. Listen to the podcast to hear what she had to say.

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