POLL: Would you take a Secret Sound clue for R10,000?

POLL: Would you take a Secret Sound clue for R10,000?

The R25,000 has still not been won, but we may just have a solution to help you get one step closer to the prize. 

secret sound - new
Thabile Mashaba

Following the last Secret Sound Invasion, a new sound was launched and has seen scores of listeners taking their chance for a shot at the cash. 

The next Secret Sound Invasion is set to take place on Wednesday, 5th June 2019 at the Mall @ Scottsville between 3pm - 6pm.

Take a listen to the new sound below:

You can also listen to the incorrect guesses here:

We still don't have a winner and the team are starting to become a bit anxious. So being the helpful people that they are, they have decided to devise a plan - but there's a catch. 

In the past, our Producer was generous to drop a few hints and clues to help listeners. We want to bring that back, but at a cost. 

We'd like to sell a massive clue for the Secret Sound for R10,000. If you take the clue, the money will be dropped to R15,000. However, it will be WAY easier with the clue at hand.

Would you take a clue that's worth R10,000? Let us know by voting in the poll below. Results will be released on Monday, 3rd of June 2019.

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