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Police car rammed during high speed chase

These poor police officers were just doing their job!

Gang rammed police car
Stricko / YouTube

We do not support or condone any form of criminal activity, but every now and then we like to shed some light on things that occur. 

Criminals are not known for being morally upstanding. Sometimes we wonder if they even know what it means to have morals and values? 

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According to the Birmingham Mail, ruthless criminals, who were fleeing the scene of a robbery at a pizza shop, rammed a police vehicle during a high speed chase.   

The dramatic footage below shows a gang in their getaway car stopping and reversing into a police car on a narrow street during the chase. The police officers chasing the criminals were injured as a result of this. 

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Crime doesn't pay and as a result of this the criminals were caught and are facing serious charges.

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