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Is our view of sexual harassment biased towards female victims?

After a video of Demi Moore kissing a 15-year-old boy surfaced, the East Coast Drive team asked a few serious questions concerning it.

our views on sexual harassment

This morning, our very own Damon Beard chatted about a video with American actress, Demi Moore who is now in the spotlight. Many have criticised her for a video which was shot in 1982, but only just recently surfaced 30 years later. 

Read: Demi Moore caught kissing 15-year-old boy in throwback video

After seeing the video, Bongani and Mags asked some very uncomfortable questions regarding harassment and wanted to know whether or not people are biased when it comes to genders of the victims of this unacceptable behaviour.  

Take a listen to the podcast as KZN listeners share their views on the matter in the podcast below.

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