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McDonald’s re-engineers their straw for the better

Could this be the straw of the future?

mcdonalds STRAW

Have you ever thought about reinventing the straw? Well, McDonald’s has beaten you to it, unfortunately. 

In an effort to launch their new Chocolate Shamrock Shake (which is a mixture of chocolate and mint), McDonald’s has said that they will be redesigning their straws. 

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Introducing the ’Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal’ - also known as STRAW. This invention has taken the ordinary straw to the next level. The STRAW is said to help alleviate the problem that occurs when having to wait before mixing two flavors together. 

They have released an hilarious video to launch the new, re-designed straw which is set to poke fun at Apple. The video includes white backgrounds and even a British narrator. Classic and effective! 

Could this be the straw of the future? Only time will tell. Check out the ad for STRAW below:

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