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Mark Zuckerberg’s dog gets birthday present like no other

This is not your average gift for a dog!

mark zuckerberg dog

If you’re a proud dog-lover and owner, you would probably spoil them every now and then for their good behaviour. Spoiling them would normally include a chew toy or some delicious treats. But Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook co-founder, decided to taking spoiling to the next level.

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His dog, Beast, is living the life that most pooches can only dream of. He recently turned six, so for his birthday, Mark decided that he would spoil Beast - tech-style! Teaming up with Oculus, Mark had them design and print a sculpture of Beast in virtual reality. How cool!

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We bet the pooch was pretty confused, but would’ve spent hours playing with his new “chew toy”. 

Take a look at the making of Beast’s tech-savvy gift below:

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